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Fees and Rosters

Due before the first league game:  League fee to be set by budget
  1. Send current league fee to Steven Monteverde, 2 Rutgers Road, Bldg B, Crafton, PA  15205, Email:  Checks to be made to Diocese of Pittsburgh.
  2. Have one complete eligibility roster for the Diocesan Football Coordinator at weigh-in.
  3. One complete eligibility roster made out must be given to each of the opposing teams at the section weigh-in. THIS IS A MUST.
  4. Number of players on roster is unlimited.
  5. There will be one official weigh-in. At the weigh-in, the Diocesan Football Coordinator will verify each team’s official roster. The only players that may be added to this roster are:
  • New students entering the school after the first weigh-on date.
  • Players hospitalized on day of weigh-in.
  • Players who can submit verification (signed statement from a physician) that they were unable to attend the official weigh-in because of serious illness.
  • Players approved by Coordinator.
After the Diocesan Football Coordinator has investigated these exceptional cases, this player may be added to his team’s official roster. The player must be weighed in prior to his team’s next schedule league game. The Coordinator will then notify each team of additions to the official rosters.
  1. Coaches should have in writing on file at the school:
  • Medical certificates for each player.
  • Insurance certificate for each player.

JV and Varsity teams follow the same rules.

Interpretation is that used by the National Federation of State High Schools Association. With noted exceptions:
  1. Fields are to be played as they are regardless of length.
  2. On a kickoff, lineman can advance the ball if he/she receives the ball within 10 yards of the receiving team’s restraining line.  Behind that point, if the lineman takes possession of the ball, it is considered a dead ball. Only Category A players can be positioned behind the receiving team’s 45 yard line.
  3. Quarters will be of 9-minute durations for Varsity and JV. Half time will be 15 minutes.
  4. The second game will be scheduled to start 1 hour and 45 minutes after the start of the first game.
  5. Three time outs per team will be permitted per half time.
  6. The home team shall decide whether or not a field is fit for play.
  7. Coaches must meet with officials before the games to discuss rules and field conditions and secure their names.
  8. Any player regardless of his position, weight, or whether he is on offense or defense may advance fumbles and interceptions.
  9. Category B or C players can be used as kickers/punters, but they cannot pass the ball, hand it off, or advance the ball beyond the line of scrimmage.
  10. All scheduled league games must be played on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The Diocesan Football Coordinator must sanction any exception for play on any other day or night and said exception must be for a very valid reason. If absolutely necessary, make-up games will be played on weekdays. Sunday games cannot start before 12:30 PM.
  11. Section representatives must be notified by the home team of any and all changes, as to date, time, and place of league games.
  12. These rules are to be adhered to rigidly. Any deliberate violation of these rules in the judgment of the Diocesan Football Coordinator? shall mean immediate suspension of the violating schools for the remainder of the season and all league games shall be forfeited.
  13. All coaches must have PA Act 34 and Act 151 Clearance.
  15. A team or part of a team may not train or practice as separate group at any place before the third Monday prior to the first playing weekend. 
  16. You may open your gym or field to all school students. NO COACHING NOR PRACTICE IS TO TAKE PLACE.  No Equipment.
  17. The football shoes worn by all players in the league must be equipped with either rubber or polyethylene cleats. Any player playing with metal cleats shall be ejected from the game and is not to return for the duration of the game.
  18. The official league ball will be the Wilson TDY 1300 (leather ball). For JV and developmental games the official league ball will be the Wilson TDJ.
  1. Players who are not full-time students of a Catholic School or who have graduated from the eighth grade are not eligible.
  2. Any player who reaches the age of 15 before October 1 of the current school year will be ineligible to engage in Varsity league competition.
  3. Any player who reaches the age of 13 before October 1 of the current school year will be ineligible to engage in JV league competition.
  1. Teams will weigh-in all players. Coordinator may make exceptions.
  2. The League Coordinator shall set a time, date and place for all teams to be weighed in.
  3. ALL coaches shall be present at the weigh-ins and have with them one roster for each of the opposing teams plus the one for the Diocesan Football Coordinator.
  4. All player positions will be determined at the weigh-in. No position changes can be made after the weigh-in.
  5. There can be an optional second weigh-ins. The second weigh-in will be scheduled near the middle of the season.
  6. Second weigh-in would be to allow players who were not eligible to play in the league to weigh-in again.

There are two weight categories consisting of the following:
  • Category A – Offensive Backs, Defensive Backs, Offensive Ends, Defensive Ends, Linebackers.
  • Category B – Offensive Linemen; Defensive Linemen.

Category A
  • Offensive Backs: Defined by the National High School Rules that generally govern the diocesan league.
  • Offensive Ends/Receivers: Those who line up at the end of the offensive line of scrimmage and/or are eligible to catch a pass.
  • Defensive Backs: Those who line up on defense outside of the offensive tackles and traditionally defend passes.
  • Defensive Ends: Those who line up on the line of scrimmage outside the Offensive Tackles.
  • Inside Linebacker: Within the offensive tackles at the snap of the ball and generally within the free blocking zone no more than 5 yards off the line of scrimmage.
  • Only Category A players may return punts and kickoffs.
Category B
  • Offensive Linemen: Defined by the National High School Rules governing the league.
  • Defensive Linemen: Those who line up one yard or less off the line of scrimmage opposite an offensive interior lineman (center, guard or tackle), and are in a 3 (three) or 4 (four) point stance at the snap of the ball.
Varsity Weights (7 – 8 grades)
Category Weigh-in (lbs.)
A 147 or less
B No Limit

JV Weights (3 – 6 grades)
Category Weigh-in (lbs.)
A 139 or less
B 190 or less
Developmental Weights (3 – 4 grades)
Category Weigh-in (lbs.)
A 115 or less for skill players
B 190 or less
A down lineman who misses the weight at the first weigh-in, but makes weight at a second weigh-in may participate in any remaining games.

If a player participates in only ONE PLAY in an out of weight category, the game will be forfeited, when brought to the attention of the Diocesan Football Coordinator.
  1. Three officials recognized by the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) will be used. The home team will be responsible for paying the officials. Official's fees will be set each year.
  2. Four officials will be used for the Diocesan Championship game at the current rate.
  3. Regular games (9 minute quarters): cost per official to be communicated to coordinators
  4. 8 minute running clock, 4 qtrs:  cost per official to be communicated to coordinators
  5. An additional $5.00 per official per over-time period will be assessed if needed.
Questions about referees should be directed to the League Coordinator.

  1. Games may not be canceled or dates may not be changed, except by the Diocesan Football Coordinator. If by mutual agreement a game must be canceled or a date changed, the Diocesan Football Coordinator must be advised and any change must have their sanction. The Home Team must notify officials and opposing coaches in the event of a canceled game 2 (two) hours before the scheduled time. (The above rule does not apply or repudiate item 6 under "Rules".)
  2. Officials will be paid thier full fee if they are not notified of a cancellation. The home team is responsible to cancel officials.
  1. All protests submitted in writing by coach to the Diocesan Football Coordinator.
  2. Protesting coach must notify officials and the opposing coach at the point of discussion of his intention to protest. The Diocesan Football Coordinator must be notified of protest immediately following the game.
  3. No protest on "Judgment Plays" by the officials.
  4. Time allowed for protests:
  • On player eligibility - until final league game.
  • Game itself - within 3 (three) days following.
Protest Board
  1. The Protest Board will be made up of the Football Coordinator and two non-protesting representatives, if deemed necessary.
  2. Protest Board will allow 1 (one) coach from each of the two protesting teams to attend protest meeting. This meeting must be held within a week following the receipt of request.
  3. Coaches from the teams involved in the protest will be allowed to present their protest verbally at that time.
  4. The Protest Board has the power to forfeit a game.
  5. The Board will render a decision within 48 hours of the protest meeting and the involved teams will be notified of the decision.
Team Representatives

Shall consist of one head coach or assistant coach from each team.

Duties of the Team Representative:
  1. Conduct pre-season sectional meeting on rules.
  2. Attend pre-season board meeting on rules.
  3. Advise on schedules, sectional arrangements.
  4. Shall have the power of suspension up to 3 (three) years for any violation of these league rules.
  5. Meet annually to review and revise, if necessary, existing rules.
  6. Rules on teams withdrawing from the League and requesting re-entry into the League.

Should there be a section tie at the end of the regular season, the section winner will be determined by head-to-head play.

If a winner cannot be declared by the head-to-head play, then the overtime format will be used to determine the section winner. In the event of a three-way tie, a neutral site will be used by Wednesday of the week following the last playing date. A coin flip(s) will be used to determine one of the teams to be a "bye" team for the first overtime session. The loser of the first overtime session will then play the "bye" team. The loser of each overtime session will play the next overtime session as needed to determine an ultimate winner. The three teams will play each other until two of the teams each have two losses.


The Diocesan Football Coordinator will award trophies to each Varsity and JV Diocesan Champion.

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1. Offensive Actions

No coach or player is to:

  1. Refuse to abide by official’s decision or use profane language or gestures which results in a technical foul. This will result in a written report and be submitted to the Football Coordinator by the game officials. The Football Coordinator will call the coach on the first occurrence to discuss the coaches behavior and on the second the Football Coordinator will notify the school’s principal.
  2. Exhibit objectionable behavior, (e.g. throwing equipment or any other forceful action).
  3. Verbally abuse an official for any real or imagined unjust decision or judgment, or verbally abuse a Player, Opposing Coach, or Spectator.
  4. Physically touching, pushing, shoving, striking, or threatening to strike an Official, Coach, or Spectator.
  5. Physically attacking any player.

For any of the above occurrences, a written report will be submitted to the Football Coordinator by the game officials, Athletic Director, or coach. Once this report is received, the school’s principal will be notified by the Football Coordinator. Video’s will be allowed where appropriate.

2. Penalties

Penalties for the above Offensive Actions include:

  • Violation of Articles A, B or C - one (1) to five (5) game suspension. No one may serve as a coach in a different class (varsity or junior varsity) of the same sport while under suspension. Nor are they permitted access to athletic facilities. (NOTE: Clarification of the above suspensions: one (1) technical foul -Football Coordinator will contact offending coach to give warning. Two (2) technical fouls which result in a coach be ejected from a game/facility - Penalty as follows: 1st offense is a one (1) league game suspension with letters being sent to School's principal and the diocese Athletic Director; 2nd offense is a five (5) league game suspension; 3rd offense is a one (1) calendar year suspension. If a person coaches both JV and Varsity teams the suspension goes for both teams.)
  • Violation of Articles D by a coach or player - suspension of offending coach or player for one full calendar year.
  • Violation of Article E by a player - suspension for 3 to 5 games accompanied by a letter defining the meaning of sportsmanship as well as an apology to team member and offended individual that is to be sent to their school’s principal, and copies sent to offended individual and Football Coordinator.
  • If suspended coachs or players disregard stated penalties, when properly notified by the Football Coordinator, the team is to be permanently suspended from league competition for one full calendar year beginning immediately after the violation.
  • If necessary, suspensions will carry over into the next season.

3. Use of Tobacco, Alcohol or Illegal Drugs

Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and using illegal drugs are strictly forbidden and are grounds for immediate termination.

4. Coaches Clearances

Must have appropriate clearances for coaching:

5. Parent or Fan Behavior

  1. Any parent or fan whose behavior is deemed objectionable (i.e. offenses similar in nature to those in the coaches and players code of conduct) by any game official, pastor, school principal, or appointed person in authority at that event, should be asked to leave the premises. The Pastor/Athletic Director/Coach/Principal of the school(s) involved should then make a further determination as to whether or not the individual(s) should be banned from additional games. (Severe situations).
  2. If objectionable parent or fan behavior becomes a continuing occurrence it can result in the Football Coordinator having the offending team(s) conducting their games on a closed field. This means that only team members, their coaches, and chaperons are permitted on the premises.

Updated Sunday, August 15, 2021

Complaints - Any complaint against a school, coach, fan or official is to be written and forwarded to the Diocesan Athletic Director only after exhausting all local attempts to solve the problem.

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