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Jennifer Kerr
566 Glenfield Rd
412-922-7527 (h)
724-816-7613 (c)
412-922-7527 (w)


No Varsity teams in this section

TeamSection Overall
WinsLossesPctAve. PF/PAWinsLossesPctAve. PF/PA

JV  (8 teams)

TeamSection Overall
WinsLossesPctAve. PF/PAWinsLossesPctAve. PF/PA
St. Louise de Marillac Black810.8892.0/0.3810.8892.0/0.3
St. Louise de Marillac Gold901.0002.0/0.0901.0002.0/0.0
St. Kilian Gold460.4002.0/0.0460.4002.0/0.0
St. Kilian Silver450.4442.0/0.5450.4442.0/0.5
Ave Maria Academy Gold270.2222.0/1.0270.2222.0/1.0
Sacred Heart Red540.5562.0/0.2540.5562.0/0.2
Archangel Gabriel Blue440.5002.0/0.0440.5002.0/0.0
Butler Catholic Gold090.0000.0/0.0090.0000.0/0.0

Section Schedule

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Orange rows indicate unscheduled matchs, which have a date of '1900/01/01'. A start time of TBD (to be determined) means the start time is unknown - contact the home team for the correct start time. Gray rows indicate past matchs. Blue rows indicate today's matchs. White rows indicate future matchs. Hold your cursor over the 'Team' and 'Played At' names to highlight links.

DateDayStart TimeLevelTeamsPlayed AtTypeScore (V-H)StatusUpdated
2021/08/26Thu6:00 PMJVSt. Louise Gold @ Ave Maria Academy GoldAve Maria AcademySection2-0Past8/26/2021 6:06:14 PM
2021/08/29Sun2:45 PMJVSt. Louise Black @ St. Kilian SilverSt. KilianSection2-1Past8/29/2021 1:14:38 PM
2021/08/29Sun3:30 PMJVSt. Louise Gold @ St. Kilian GoldSt. KilianSection2-0Past8/29/2021 1:19:09 PM
2021/08/31Tue7:15 PMJVSacred Heart Red @ St. Kilian GoldSt. KilianSection0-2Past9/7/2021 5:54:46 AM
2021/09/02Thu6:00 PMJVSt. Louise Black @ Ave Maria Academy GoldAve Maria AcademySection2-0Past9/7/2021 5:40:33 AM
2021/09/07Tue6:30 PMJVArchangel Gabriel Blue @ St. Kilian GoldSt. KilianSection2-0Past9/9/2021 7:27:22 PM
2021/09/07Tue7:15 PMJVAve Maria Academy Gold @ St. Kilian SilverSt. KilianSection0-2Past9/9/2021 7:27:48 PM
2021/09/10Fri6:00 PMJVAve Maria Academy Gold @ St. Louise BlackSt. LouiseSection0-2Past9/10/2021 7:04:15 PM
2021/09/12Sun1:00 PMJVSt. Louise Gold @ Archangel Gabriel BlueArchangel GabrielSection2-0Past8/19/2021 8:25:10 AM
2021/09/12Sun1:45 PMJVSt. Louise Black @ Archangel Gabriel BlueArchangel GabrielSection2-1Past9/12/2021 1:17:44 PM
2021/09/12Sun1:00 PMJVSt. Kilian Silver @ Butler Catholic GoldButler CatholicSection2-1Past9/12/2021 4:38:51 PM
2021/09/18Sat5:30 PMJVSt. Louise Black @ Sacred Heart RedSacred Heart Act. BldSection2-0Past9/18/2021 8:48:31 PM
2021/09/19Sun1:00 PMJVAve Maria Academy Gold @ Archangel Gabriel BlueArchangel GabrielSection0-2Past9/19/2021 5:33:18 PM
2021/09/19Sun1:45 PMJVSt. Louise Gold @ Archangel Gabriel BlueArchangel GabrielSection2-0Past9/19/2021 5:33:47 PM
2021/09/19Sun1:00 PMJVSt. Louise Black @ Butler Catholic GoldButler CatholicSection2-0Past9/19/2021 5:30:24 PM
2021/09/19Sun1:00 PMJVSt. Kilian Gold @ Sacred Heart RedSacred Heart Act. BldSection1-2Past9/19/2021 10:58:48 AM
2021/09/22Wed6:45 PMJVSacred Heart Red @ St. Louise GoldSt. LouiseSection0-2Past9/23/2021 7:37:44 PM
2021/09/26Sun1:00 PMJVButler Catholic Gold @ St. Louise GoldSt. LouiseSection0-2Past9/26/2021 10:37:53 AM
2021/09/26Sun1:45 PMJVSt. Kilian Gold @ St. Louise BlackSt. LouiseSection0-2Past9/26/2021 2:59:21 PM
2021/09/26Sun1:00 PMJVSt. Kilian Silver @ Sacred Heart RedSacred Heart Act. BldSection0-2Past9/28/2021 6:39:23 AM
2021/09/26Sun4:00 PMJVArchangel Gabriel Blue @ Ave Maria Academy GoldOLGSection2-0Past9/26/2021 2:59:52 PM
2021/09/27Mon7:15 PMJVSt. Kilian Gold @ Ave Maria Academy GoldAve Maria AcademySection0-1Past9/27/2021 8:45:35 AM
2021/10/02Sat5:30 PMJVSacred Heart Red @ Butler Catholic GoldButler CatholicSection2-0Past10/3/2021 7:38:08 PM
2021/10/03Sun1:45 PMJVArchangel Gabriel Blue @ St. Louise BlackSt. LouiseSection0-2Past10/3/2021 7:44:12 PM
2021/10/03Sun1:00 PMJVSt. Kilian Silver @ St. Louise GoldSt. LouiseSection0-2Past10/4/2021 6:18:52 AM
2021/10/03Sun1:00 PMJVButler Catholic Gold @ Sacred Heart RedSacred Heart Act. BldSection0-2Past10/3/2021 7:39:23 PM
2021/10/07Thu6:00 PMJVButler Catholic Gold @ St. Kilian SilverSt. KilianSection1-2Past10/7/2021 4:35:04 PM
2021/10/07Thu6:45 PMJVButler Catholic Gold @ St. Kilian GoldSt. KilianSection0-2Past10/7/2021 4:35:22 PM
2021/10/09Sat5:30 PMJVSt. Kilian Gold @ Butler Catholic GoldButler CatholicSection2-0Past10/10/2021 8:54:36 AM
2021/10/09Sat5:30 PMJVArchangel Gabriel Blue @ Sacred Heart RedSacred Heart Act. BldSection2-0Past10/10/2021 8:56:59 AM
2021/10/10Sun1:00 PMJVAve Maria Academy Gold @ Butler Catholic GoldButler CatholicSection2-1Past10/10/2021 7:22:26 PM
2021/10/11Mon6:00 PMJVSt. Louise Black @ St. Louise GoldSt. LouiseSection0-2Past10/11/2021 6:00:19 PM
2021/10/15Fri6:15 PMJVAve Maria Academy Gold @ St. Louise GoldSt. LouiseSection0-2Past10/15/2021 7:08:02 PM
2021/10/15Fri6:00 PMJVSt. Kilian Gold @ St. Kilian SilverSt. KilianSection0-2Past10/15/2021 4:27:22 PM
2021/10/15Fri6:45 PMJVSt. Kilian Silver @ St. Kilian GoldSt. KilianSection0-2Past10/15/2021 4:25:56 PM
2021/10/15Fri7:30 PMJVSacred Heart Red @ St. Kilian SilverSt. KilianSection2-0Past10/15/2021 7:06:08 PM
2021/10/17Sun1:00 PMJVSt. Kilian Silver @ Archangel Gabriel BlueArchangel GabrielSectionToday8/19/2021 8:44:19 AM
2021/10/17Sun1:45 PMJVButler Catholic Gold @ Archangel Gabriel BlueArchangel GabrielSectionToday8/19/2021 8:43:31 AM
2021/10/17Sun4:00 PMJVSacred Heart Red @ Ave Maria Academy GoldAve Maria AcademySectionToday8/19/2021 8:48:21 AM
2021/10/18Mon6:00 PMJVSt. Louise Gold @ St. Louise BlackSt. LouiseSectionFuture8/19/2021 8:58:30 AM

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