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St. Therese (Munhall)

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St. Therese (Munhall)

#1 St. Therese Ct., Munhall, PA 15120  (Google map)



Web Site:

Athletic Director:
Jeremy Kelley, 412-606-1928 (c), jeremymkelley@gmail.com

Web Site Scheduler:
Jeremy Kelley, 412-606-1928 (c), jeremymkelley@gmail.com


Listed below are the UPDATED policies and procedures (as of 9/3/21) for the St Therese (Munhall) school gymnasium:


~ The gym doors will open 30 minutes prior to the first game and close 15 minutes after completion of the final game. Please DO NOT park in any numbered spaces as those spaces belong to the residents of St. Therese Plaza (High Rise) adjacent to the school.   


~ All players ARE required to wear a mask at all times while in the gymnasium EXCEPT while participating on the court. Once a player has exited the game they ARE required to wear a mask. Team benches will be distanced as much as possible to help ensure player safety.


~ There are NO limits on the number of spectators this season and all spectators ARE required to wear a mask at all times while in the gymnasium. Please speak with an STAA staff member if there are underlying health issues with a spectator as it relates to the mask requirement.


~ Admission fees for the 2021 season will be $5 for Adults, $3 for Seniors and FREE for Children 18 and under. As of today, we WILL NOT be live-streaming our home games this season. We are awaiting word on some logistical and technical issues to be able to do so. If we are able to live-stream any games this season it will be done via our STAA Facebook page ttps://www.facebook.com/STAA-104684464924469

~ Our Snack Shack will be OPEN for the 2021 season and will include drinks, snacks and limited hot food options. Other gym amenities such as locker rooms and water fountains WILL BE available for use throughout the season if needed.

Track TigersTeam Calendar

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Head Coach:
Mary Ann Deasy-Halata, madeasyhatala@gmail.com

Assistant Coach:
Chris Lawson, seelaw2001@yahoo.com

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