Parent and Spectator Behavior at Catholic School Sporting Events

Parents - please watch this video by the Dioceses of Pittsburgh. It was made several years ago, but the message is just as relevant now as it was then, and it applies to all types of sporting events.

Do you know anyone like the parent portrayed here?

The video takes a moment to load. It should start automatically, but in some browsers you may have to start the video manually.

Please remember that you are attending a Catholic school event that requires you to act as Christ would want you to behave. You must display good sportsmanship and a Christian perspective at all times. If you choose not to follow this directive, the Building Official appointed by the school Principal or Athletic Director will ask you to leave.

In addition:

There is NEVER an appropriate time for a parent or student to berate an official before, during or after a game, match or meet. That also applies to coaches. You must be respectful to all officials. The vast majority of officials are honest and are trying their best to call a good, fair contest.
There is NEVER an appropriate time for a spectator to go on the court or field during a game, meet or match. This includes the time the court or field is used for pre-game warm-ups by the teams, or during timeouts and halftimes. Unless you have official duties, you must stay off the court or field.
There is NEVER an appropriate time to belittle an opposing team’s fans, players or coaches.
There is NEVER an appropriate time to use noisemakers, chants or screaming to disrupt the performance of any students at any sporting event. That includes cheerleaders as well as players.
There is NEVER an appropriate time for any fan, player or coach to use profanity.