A Good Coach

  • Understands the rules and instructs his/her players regarding same
  • Controls his/her emotions
  • Knows when and who to substitute.
  • Speaks in a manner and tone appropriate for his or her position
  • Realizes players never purposely make mistakes and never ridicules
  • Concentrates on coaching and lets the officials call the game
  • Is fair and does not show favoritism
  • Sets realistic practice and game schedules
  • Never permits an ill or injured player to practice or play
  • Insists that a team practice with the same enthusiasm and skill as demonstrated during a scheduled game
  • Uses ALL players in practice and in games
  • Never deliberately humiliates an opponent by pushing up the score
  • Insists that players accept victory with modesty and defeat without alibi
  • Does not review a game immediately after the final whistle when emotions are high but saves detailed comments for the next practice
  • Realizes a team's reputation is built not only on its playing ability, but also on its sportsmanship, courtesy and manner

Updated 1-25-2022

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