Coach Appointments

The choice of coaches is vital if an athletic program is to reflect Christian values. A coach should not be selected purely for their knowledge of the sport, but rather as a potential youth minister who will reflect and model the Gospel values that should be incorporated into the athletic program. All coaches must:

  • Demonstrate a consistent Christian ethic on and off the field or court.
  • Have all the proper clearances. Visit the Diocese website for information on the required clearances - Diocese of Pittsburgh School Volunteer Compliance.
  • Have the approval of the pastor or school principal.
  • Have the necessary knowledge of the sport to ensure the students have a worthwhile experience.
  • Be emotionally stable and responsible.

All above requirements are to be monitored by the parish/school Athletic Director and reported to the Diocese Sports Coordinator. Any lack of compliance will lead to league sanctions imposed by the Diocese Sports Coordinator.

Updated 1-25-2022

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