2023-2024 Season Officials Guidelines

The following is only a reminder for officials. Thank you for your continued support of our program.

We use High School Rules with two exceptions; (1) Illegal numbers are permitted and (2) Head coaches are permitted to stand in place. Assistant coaches are seated (not standing or kneeling). Also, only in very rare cases should a technical foul be assessed for a clerical error for names or numbers in the scorebook.

Player undershirts, arm sleeves, compression shorts, and leggings must comply with the rules. Any VISIBLE undershirt must be similar in color to the jersey.  For example, powder blue undershirts are NOT legal under navy blue jerseys. Black undershirts are only legal under black jerseys.

You need to report all technical fouls, and especially ejections, to the Diocesan Athletic Director. Go to www.2badcats.com and click on the Boys Basketball icon. On the boys league page click the Menu button and then click ‘Officials’. Click on ‘Incident Report’, complete the form and click send. A copy of the report will go to the Diocesan Athletic Director, the League Director, and the Game Officials Assigners.

Be congenial and polite before the game. A “building manager” will be at all games and you should introduce yourself. Treat coaches, players, and “building managers” with respect and conduct yourself in a professional manner. A simple guideline is to conduct yourself as though you are working a high school Varsity game.

Review the PIAA/Diocesan Sportsmanship rules with the Head Coach and captains before the JV game and Varsity game.

We suggust an effective way of handling inappropriate coach behavior is; “Coach, please calm down. The players don’t deserve a technical and I really do not want to call one”. Call a necessary technical with a calm demeanor. Do not make a spectacle of the recipient or yourself.

The chance of a smoother game will likely result if you set the tone early in the game. Do not let the game get out of hand because of coach behavior. Coach behavior is contagious and fans will generally follow the lead of their coach. Arrogant and discourteous behavior from an official is also not acceptable. During the game, when the behavior of the coaches, teams, and/or fans appears to be getting out of control, you need to call the coaches and captains together. Explain that the contest cannot continue if behavior does not improve. Do not confront fans during the game. Fan behavior is primarily the responsibility of the home team and secondarily the visiting team. The “building manager” is responsible to identify any misbehaving fans and request they behave or leave the gym. DO NOT call a technical on a fan.

You will be replaced if you receive a high school Varsity game. You are expected to decline a high school JV game as a substitute for a grade school game. Do not give games ‘to a friend’ or be late for a grade school game. You will receive one warning if you are late or give games to a friend. You will no longer receive grade school assignments for a second occurrence.

You will be paid if the school fails to cancel the officials, and you will be required to pay the game fees if you miss an assignment without a very valid reason. Make an honest effort to be 20 minutes early. You need time to meet your partner, have at least a short pre-game (for example, how to handle a full court press), and review the clock and scorebook with timekeepers and score keepers.

Remember, the less you say before, during, and after the game, the less likely you will be misquoted.

Updated Thursday, January 14, 2021

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