Diocese of Pittsburgh Boys Basketball 2020-2021 Season - Section Southeast B

Southeast B

This section is eligible for the Diocese playoffs.

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Jim Gregg
829 Kennebec St
412 421 6183 (h)

Varsity (5 teams)

TeamSection Overall
WinsLossesPctAve. PF/PAWinsLossesPctAve. PF/PA
Christ the Divine Teacher Panthers350.37528.1/35.8350.37528.1/35.8
John F. Kennedy Comets350.37531.3/37.0350.37531.3/37.0
St. Philip Trojans620.75035.9/26.8720.77835.3/25.9
St. James (Sewickley) Cougars080.00021.5/43.9080.00021.5/43.9
Madonna Regional Mustangs801.00058.0/31.4801.00058.0/31.4

JV  (5 teams)

TeamSection Overall
WinsLossesPctAve. PF/PAWinsLossesPctAve. PF/PA
Christ the Divine Teacher Panthers440.50024.6/24.0440.50024.6/24.0
John F. Kennedy Comets710.87531.3/16.0710.87531.3/16.0
St. Philip Trojans080.00016.8/35.9180.11118.2/34.2
St. James (Sewickley) Cougars710.87532.9/21.8810.88933.4/22.3
St. Margaret Mustangs260.25020.5/28.4260.25020.5/28.4

Section Schedule

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Orange rows indicate unscheduled games, which have a date of '1900/01/01'. A start time of TBD (to be determined) means the start time is unknown - contact the home team for the correct start time. Gray rows indicate past games. Blue rows indicate today's games. White rows indicate future games. Hold your cursor over the 'Team' and 'Played At' names to highlight links.

DateDayStart TimeLevelTeamsPlayed AtTypeScore (V-H)StatusUpdated
2021/01/11Mon6:30 PMJVCTDT Panthers @ St. James (Sew) CougarsSt. James (Sew)Section27-33Past1/12/2021 6:44:36 PM
2021/01/11Mon7:45 PMVarsityCTDT Panthers @ St. James (Sew) CougarsSt. James (Sew)Section20-17Past1/12/2021 6:45:06 PM
2021/01/12Tue6:30 PMJVJFK Comets @ St. Margaret MustangsSt. MargaretSection24-6Past1/14/2021 7:47:10 AM
2021/01/15Fri6:30 PMJVSt. Philip Trojans @ JFK CometsJFKSection12-49Past1/17/2021 9:11:22 AM
2021/01/15Fri7:45 PMVarsitySt. Philip Trojans @ JFK CometsJFKSection29-17Past1/17/2021 9:10:54 AM
2021/01/16Sat6:00 PMVarsitySt. James (Sew) Cougars @ Madonna Regional MustangsMonessen Civic CenterSection19-71Past1/17/2021 10:41:55 AM
2021/01/18Mon7:30 PMVarsityJFK Comets @ CTDT PanthersCTDTSection23-30Past1/19/2021 11:29:56 AM
2021/01/18Mon6:15 PMJVJFK Comets @ CTDT PanthersCTDTSection21-13Past1/24/2021 6:26:21 PM
2021/01/19Tue6:30 PMJVSt. Philip Trojans @ St. Margaret MustangsSt. MargaretSection21-33Past1/25/2021 4:17:25 AM
2021/01/22Fri6:30 PMJVSt. James (Sew) Cougars @ JFK CometsJFKSection22-28Past1/24/2021 6:26:43 PM
2021/01/22Fri7:45 PMVarsitySt. James (Sew) Cougars @ JFK CometsJFKSection11-54Past1/24/2021 6:27:06 PM
2021/01/23Sat5:15 PMJVButler Catholic Saints @ St. Philip TrojansCanevin HSNon-Section21-30Past
2021/01/23Sat6:30 PMVarsityButler Catholic Saints @ St. Philip TrojansCanevin HSNon-Section19-31Past
2021/01/25Mon6:30 PMJVSt. Margaret Mustangs @ St. James (Sew) CougarsSt. James (Sew)Section13-35Past1/26/2021 11:17:45 AM
2021/01/30Sat6:30 PMJVCTDT Panthers @ St. Philip TrojansCanevin HSSection29-13Past2/2/2021 8:25:05 AM
2021/01/30Sat7:45 PMVarsityCTDT Panthers @ St. Philip TrojansCanevin HSSection27-40Past2/2/2021 7:14:55 AM
2021/02/04Thu7:00 PMVarsitySt. Philip Trojans @ Madonna Regional MustangsMonessen Civic CenterSection32-36Past2/5/2021 10:46:24 AM
2021/02/06Sat5:15 PMJVSt. Margaret Mustangs @ St. Philip TrojansCanevin HSSection40-25Past2/7/2021 2:47:42 PM
2021/02/06Sat6:00 PMVarsityJFK Comets @ Madonna Regional MustangsMonessen Civic CenterSection35-64Past2/7/2021 2:48:11 PM
2021/02/08Mon7:30 PMVarsityMadonna Regional Mustangs @ CTDT PanthersCTDTSection49-41Past2/9/2021 5:54:30 AM
2021/02/08Mon6:30 PMJVSt. Philip Trojans @ St. James (Sew) CougarsSt. James (Sew)Section8-33Past2/9/2021 5:54:50 AM
2021/02/08Mon7:45 PMVarsitySt. Philip Trojans @ St. James (Sew) CougarsSt. James (Sew)Section45-27Past2/9/2021 5:55:19 AM
2021/02/09Tue6:30 PMJVCTDT Panthers @ St. Margaret MustangsSt. MargaretSection26-22Past2/22/2021 12:45:55 PM
2021/02/12Fri7:45 PMVarsityMadonna Regional Mustangs @ JFK CometsJFKSection70-30Past2/13/2021 11:19:56 AM
2021/02/12Fri6:30 PMJVSt. Margaret Mustangs @ JFK CometsJFKSection9-40Past2/14/2021 2:33:54 PM
2021/02/12Fri6:15 PMJVSt. James (Sew) Cougars @ CTDT PanthersCTDTSection31-28Past2/13/2021 11:21:03 AM
2021/02/12Fri7:30 PMVarsitySt. James (Sew) Cougars @ CTDT PanthersCTDTSection33-35Past2/13/2021 11:20:41 AM
2021/02/13Sat5:15 PMJVJFK Comets @ St. Philip TrojansCanevin HSSection30-12Past2/14/2021 2:35:06 PM
2021/02/13Sat6:30 PMVarsityJFK Comets @ St. Philip TrojansCanevin HSSection32-41Past2/14/2021 2:35:29 PM
2021/02/16Tue6:30 PMJVSt. James (Sew) Cougars @ St. Margaret MustangsSt. MargaretSection31-18Past2/17/2021 10:25:03 AM
2021/02/19Fri6:30 PMJVCTDT Panthers @ JFK CometsJFKSection20-34Past2/22/2021 5:54:54 PM
2021/02/19Fri7:45 PMVarsityCTDT Panthers @ JFK CometsJFKSection30-31Past2/22/2021 5:55:23 PM
2021/02/20Sat5:15 PMJVSt. James (Sew) Cougars @ St. Philip TrojansCanevin HSSection44-28Past2/21/2021 10:56:20 AM
2021/02/20Sat6:30 PMVarsitySt. James (Sew) Cougars @ St. Philip TrojansCanevin HSSection11-35Past2/21/2021 10:55:59 AM
2021/02/20Sat6:00 PMVarsityCTDT Panthers @ Madonna Regional MustangsMonessen Civic CenterSection23-66Past2/21/2021 10:56:50 AM
2021/02/22Mon6:15 PMJVSt. Philip Trojans @ CTDT PanthersCTDTSection15-29Past2/27/2021 5:18:18 AM
2021/02/22Mon7:30 PMVarsitySt. Philip Trojans @ CTDT PanthersCTDTSection27-19Past2/27/2021 5:17:50 AM
2021/02/22Mon6:30 PMJVJFK Comets @ St. James (Sew) CougarsSt. James (Sew)Section24-34Past2/22/2021 5:56:29 PM
2021/02/22Mon7:45 PMVarsityJFK Comets @ St. James (Sew) CougarsSt. James (Sew)Section28-21Past2/22/2021 5:57:08 PM
2021/02/27Sat6:30 PMVarsityMadonna Regional Mustangs @ St. Philip TrojansCanevin HSSection45-38Past2/28/2021 12:12:33 PM
2021/03/01Mon6:15 PMJVSt. Margaret Mustangs @ CTDT PanthersCTDTSection23-25Past3/2/2021 6:32:43 AM
2021/03/01Mon6:30 PMJVOLF Falcons @ St. James (Sew) CougarsSt. James (Sew)Non-Section27-38Past3/2/2021 5:31:43 AM
2021/03/01Mon7:45 PMVarsityMadonna Regional Mustangs @ St. James (Sew) CougarsSt. James (Sew)Section63-33Past3/2/2021 5:32:20 AM

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