Section Game Change Request (for use by the Home Team)

This form is for league Coaches and Athletic Directors for the Home team only. It is not for parents, players, the Visiting teams, or others. All submittals will be verified by the league via phone or email as soon as possible.

Coaches and Athletic Directors for the Home team may use this form to request section schedule changes. The system emails the request to the relevant League Directors (Pat Greb, Chris Vallecorsa) for the league. It also copies the request in an email to the person that submitted it. The League Directors monitor their emails to look for change requests – especially on days when there is the potential for weather related cancellations. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for the league to respond, but if you do not hear back from the league by 2 hours before a cancellation for inclement weather you should call them immediately.

The Visiting team should NOT use this form. Requests should only be made after discussions between the Home and Visiting teams. The Home team should submit the request.

To submit this form you must include all the required information (*), including the Submitter's Name, Phone and Email. You can only use this form for games that are already entered into the league schedule.

Step 1 *

Select the School

Step 2 *

Enter the currently scheduled date for the games you want to change and then click the 'Find Games' button. If the game you want to change is an unscheduled game (i.e., a date of 1900/01/01) leave the date blank.


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