Master Playoff Schedule

Orange rows indicate unscheduled matchs, which have a date of '1900/01/01'. A start time of TBD (to be determined) means the start time is unknown - contact the home team for the correct start time. Gray rows indicate past matchs. Blue rows indicate today's matchs. White rows indicate future matchs. Hold your cursor over the 'Class', 'Team' and 'Played At' names to highlight links.

DateDayClassFlightRoundStart TimeVisiting TeamHone TeamPLayed At
2021/10/25MonVarsityTop16:30 PMSt. Therese (Munhall)St. Louise de MarillacSt. Louise de MarillacPast
2021/10/25MonVarsityTop17:00 PMJohn F. KennedySacred HeartSt. Louise de MarillacPast
2021/10/25MonVarsityTop17:45 PMMother of Mercy AcademyBlessed Trinity AcademySt. Louise de MarillacPast
2021/10/25MonVarsityTop16:30 PMHoly Cross AcademyBlessed Francis Seelos AcademySt. KilianPast
2021/10/25MonVarsityBottom17:30 PMSt. Louise de MarillacDivine Mercy AcademyDivine Mercy AcademyPast
2021/10/25MonVarsityBottom17:15 PMButler CatholicAve Maria AcademySt. KilianPast
2021/10/25MonVarsityBottom16:00 PMProvidence Heights AlphaHoly Cross AcademyDivine Mercy AcademyPast
2021/10/25MonVarsityBottom16:45 PMSt. KilianMary of NazarethDivine Mercy AcademyPast
2021/10/27WedJVTop16:00 PMSt. Louise de MarillacMother of Mercy AcademySt. ElizabethPast
2021/10/27WedJVTop16:30 PMSt. KilianProvidence Heights AlphaDivine Mercy AcademyPast
2021/10/27WedJVTop17:00 PMJohn F. KennedyChrist the Divine Teacher Catholic AcademySt. KilianPast
2021/10/27WedJVTop17:45 PMBlessed Francis Seelos AcademyAve Maria AcademySt. KilianPast
2021/10/27WedJVBottom16:30 PMSt. Louise de MarillacSt. KilianSt. KilianPast
2021/10/27WedJVBottom16:45 PMBlessed Trinity AcademyHoly Cross AcademySt. ElizabethPast
2021/10/27WedJVBottom17:30 PMBlessed Trinity AcademySt. Louise de MarillacSt. ElizabethPast
2021/10/27WedJVBottom17:15 PMSt. James (Sewickley)Sacred HeartDivine Mercy AcademyPast
2021/10/30SatVarsityTop21:00 PMJohn F. KennedySt. Louise de MarillacCanevin High SchoolPast
2021/10/30SatVarsityTop21:45 PMBlessed Francis Seelos AcademyMother of Mercy AcademyCanevin High SchoolPast
2021/10/30SatVarsityTopSemi-Final2:30 PMMother of Mercy AcademySt. Louise de MarillacCanevin High SchoolPast
2021/10/30SatVarsityFinal3:30 PMHoly Cross AcademySt. Louise de MarillacCanevin High SchoolPast
2021/10/30SatVarsityBottom21:00 PMAve Maria AcademyDivine Mercy AcademyCanevin High SchoolPast
2021/10/30SatVarsityBottom21:45 PMSt. KilianHoly Cross AcademyCanevin High SchoolPast
2021/10/30SatVarsityBottomSemi-Final2:30 PMHoly Cross AcademyAve Maria AcademyCanevin High SchoolPast
2021/10/30SatJVTop29:00 AMSt. KilianMother of Mercy AcademyCanevin High SchoolPast
2021/10/30SatJVTop29:45 AMAve Maria AcademyChrist the Divine Teacher Catholic AcademyCanevin High SchoolPast
2021/10/30SatJVTopSemi-Final10:30 AMChrist the Divine Teacher Catholic AcademyMother of Mercy AcademyCanevin High SchoolPast
2021/10/30SatJVFinal11:30 AMHoly Cross AcademyMother of Mercy AcademyCanevin High SchoolPast
2021/10/30SatJVBottom29:00 AMHoly Cross AcademySt. KilianCanevin High SchoolPast
2021/10/30SatJVBottom29:45 AMSt. James (Sewickley)St. Louise de MarillacCanevin High SchoolPast
2021/10/30SatJVBottomSemi-Final10:30 AMSt. Louise de MarillacHoly Cross AcademyCanevin High SchoolPast

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