Master Playoff Schedule

Orange rows indicate unscheduled matchs, which have a date of '1900/01/01'. A start time of TBD (to be determined) means the start time is unknown - contact the home team for the correct start time. Gray rows indicate past matchs. Blue rows indicate today's matchs. White rows indicate future matchs. Hold your cursor over the 'Class', 'Team' and 'Played At' names to highlight links.

DateDayClassFlightRoundStart TimeVisiting TeamHone TeamPLayed At
2018/10/21SunVarsityTop12:30 PMJohn F. KennedyButler CatholicSt. GregoryPast
2018/10/21SunVarsityTop15:30 PMMary of NazarethSt. PhilipEast CatholicPast
2018/10/21SunVarsityTop12:00 PMSt. Louise de MarillacSt. ElizabethOur Lady of GracePast
2018/10/21SunVarsityBottom14:00 PMSt. Therese (Munhall)St. KilianEast CatholicPast
2018/10/21SunVarsityBottom13:30 PMSt. BernardSt. Louise de MarillacOur Lady of GracePast
2018/10/21SunJVTop11:45 PMButler CatholicSt. GabrielSt. GregoryPast
2018/10/21SunJVTop12:45 PMSt. Louise de MarillacSt. BernardOur Lady of GracePast
2018/10/21SunJVTop11:00 PMChrist the Divine TeacherMary of NazarethSt. GregoryPast
2018/10/21SunJVBottom14:45 PMSt. PhilipBlessed Francis Seelos AcademyEast CatholicPast
2018/10/21SunJVBottom13:15 PMJohn F. KennedyBlessed Trinity AcademySt. GregoryPast
2018/10/22MonJVTop27:45 PMSt. GabrielSt. Louise de MarillacSt. Louise de MarillacPast
2018/10/22MonJVTop27:00 PMSacred HeartSt. MargaretSt. Thomas MorePast
2018/10/22MonJVTop27:45 PMSt. Louise de MarillacSt. KilianSt. KilianPast
2018/10/22MonJVTop27:00 PMMary of NazarethOur Lady of GraceSt. Louise de MarillacPast
2018/10/22MonJVBottom27:45 PMBlessed Francis Seelos AcademyHoly Cross AcademySt. SebastianPast
2018/10/22MonJVBottom27:00 PMSt. GregorySt. AnneSt. SebastianPast
2018/10/22MonJVBottom27:45 PMBlessed Trinity AcademySt. Thomas MoreSt. Thomas MorePast
2018/10/22MonJVBottom27:00 PMJohn F. KennedyDivine Mercy AcademySt. KilianPast
2018/10/24WedVarsityTop27:45 PMButler CatholicBlessed Francis Seelos AcademySt. AlphonsusPast
2018/10/24WedVarsityTop27:00 PMHoly Cross AcademySt. AnneSt. AlphonsusPast
2018/10/24WedVarsityTop27:00 PMMary of NazarethSt. Thomas MoreSt. Louise de MarillacPast
2018/10/24WedVarsityTop27:00 PMSt. ElizabethBlessed Trinity AcademyHough BuildingPast
2018/10/24WedVarsityBottom27:45 PMSt. KilianSt. Louise de MarillacSt. Louise de MarillacPast
2018/10/24WedVarsityBottom27:00 PMDivine Mercy AcademySt. MargaretEast CatholicPast
2018/10/24WedVarsityBottom27:45 PMSt. BernardEast CatholicEast CatholicPast
2018/10/24WedVarsityBottom27:45 PMHoly TrinitySt. GabrielHough BuildingPast
2018/10/27SatVarsityTop310:00 AMHoly Cross AcademyBlessed Francis Seelos AcademySt. Joseph High SchoolPast
2018/10/27SatVarsityTop311:00 AMSt. ElizabethSt. Thomas MoreSt. Joseph High SchoolPast
2018/10/27SatVarsityTopSemi-Final12:00 PMSt. ElizabethBlessed Francis Seelos AcademySt. Joseph High SchoolPast
2018/10/27SatVarsityFinalTBDSt. Louise de MarillacBlessed Francis Seelos AcademySt. Joseph High SchoolPast
2018/10/27SatVarsityBottom310:00 AMSt. MargaretSt. Louise de MarillacSt. Joseph High SchoolPast
2018/10/27SatVarsityBottom311:00 AMSt. GabrielEast CatholicSt. Joseph High SchoolPast
2018/10/27SatVarsityBottomSemi-Final12:00 PMEast CatholicSt. Louise de MarillacSt. Joseph High SchoolPast
2018/10/28SunJVTop31:00 PMSacred HeartSt. Louise de MarillacOLSH High SchoolPast
2018/10/28SunJVTop32:00 PMOur Lady of GraceSt. KilianOLSH High SchoolPast
2018/10/28SunJVTopSemi-FinalTBDOur Lady of GraceSt. Louise de MarillacOLSH High SchoolPast
2018/10/28SunJVFinalTBDSt. Thomas MoreSt. Louise de MarillacOLSH High SchoolPast
2018/10/28SunJVBottom31:00 PMSt. GregoryHoly Cross AcademyOLSH High SchoolPast
2018/10/28SunJVBottom32:00 PMJohn F. KennedySt. Thomas MoreOLSH High SchoolPast
2018/10/28SunJVBottomSemi-FinalTBDSt. Thomas MoreHoly Cross AcademyOLSH High SchoolPast

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