2020-2021 Season Playoff Overview

Diocesan Playoffs – JV and Varsity Class A and B


Because of COVID-19, there are a few changes for the 2020-2021 post-season Varsity and JV Diocesan Playoffs. The League Directors have developed this plan for eligible teams in Class A and Class B. Because there may be schedule interruptions and teams unable to complete make-up games, all teams in the four playoff eligible sections will qualify for the playoffs.

The Diocesan JV and Varsity Class A and Class B playoffs have up to four rounds of play in each class. The number of teams determines the number of rounds in each class.

The League Directors will complete the brackets. In the 1st, 2nd and Semi-Final rounds, teams will play at home if the bracket has an "H" by their team section and rank. Final championship games will be played at Oakland Catholic (144 N. Craig, Pgh., PA 15213).
Any team that cannot play a scheduled playoff game because of COVID-19 or other reasons will forfeit the game and the opposing team will move on in the tournament.

Important Diocesan Playoff Dates: 
Sunday, March 14 Complete ALL league section games
Monday, March 15 through Thursday, March 25 Complete ALL 1st Round, 2nd Round and Semi-Final games
Saturday, March 27 Finals

Rounds 1, 2 and Semi-Final Home Games: The Home coach will notify the League Coordinator once their playoff game is scheduled. You cannot use the Game Change Request form for playoff games, because these games are not loaded into our website. Use the format below for requesting referees for playoff games with an email to Pat Greb, League Coordinator (patgreb@comcast.net).
Home team:
Away team:
JV only, Varsity only or JV & Varsity
Day and date of the game:
Time of the games:
The League Coordinator will notify Jan Petrosky for official assignments. The Home team pays for officials - $40.00 per official (to be paid before the game starts).
Coaches of Round 1, 2, and Semi-Final game winners should call the proper League Coordinator immediately after the game to report the score:
  • For Varsity, call Chris Vallecorsa (412-782-2861).
  • For JV, call Pat Greb (412-531-2579).
League Awards
  • Section First Place Team: 1 Team Trophy and 12 Individual Player Trophies
  • Playoff Champions and Runner Up: 1 Team Trophy and 12 Individual Player Trophies
 Only 1 set of player trophies per team will be awarded to playoff champions and runner-up team.
Building Manager and Good Sportsmanship

All teams, game officials, and spectators must follow all Diocesan mandated attendance and health and safety rules. The home team for the 1st, 2nd and Semi-Final round games must allow the same number of attendees for each school. This same attendance guideline, if needed to follow health mandates, will also apply for the Final games.

As was required during section play, and to ensure the most positive competitive atmosphere along with good sportsmanship and behavior of all fans, the Building Manager must be present during the game and at the pre-game officials meeting with the coaches and team captains. The home team must always have a designated Building Manager in attendance for the home games in the first, second and Semi-Final games. A Building Manager for each team must be in attendance at all times for the Final games.

Coaches Decorum
  1. Coaches must remain seated during games.
  2. No verbal harassment of officials.
  3. Female chaperons must be with the team at all times.
  4. Coaches cannot step onto the playing floor (except if player is injured and only after the official calls the coach onto the floor, or for a time-out.)
  5. Must assign an individual that will control fans from abusive behavior.


Updated Saturday, February 27, 2021

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