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St. Gregory

115 Pine St., Zelienople, PA 16063  (Google map)



Web Site:

Erin Harris, 724-452-9731 (w),

Athletic Director:
Chris McClellan, 412-370-8635 (c),,

Director of Cross Country:
Mark Harmanos,

Sports Coordinator:
Bambi Marie Torboli, 724-263-2250 (c), 172-4355-0693 (w),,

Director of Cheer:
Miranda Sparacino,

COVID-19 Spectator Policy

Dear Visiting Coaches,

For all Athletic Directors, Basketball Directors, Volleyball Directors & visiting coaches.  This is our condensed version of our Covid policy.  St. Gregory will be following this for all basketball & Volleyball games (3rd grade to 8th).
GOAL:  Our goal is to be able to keep our players and families safe and to comply with all rules and regulations to be able to play a full basketball & Volleyball season. We appreciate your help in making this happen.  Please read below and share with your players and parents.

GYM PROCEDURES:  Temperatures of all persons prior to them entering the gym.  Temperature must be 100.4 degrees or lower to allow entry.  If you or your child are not feeling well, please do not enter the gym out of an abundance of caution. We plan to have the gym open 15 minutes before each game. Do not plan to arrive any earlier than that.  If there is another game prior to your game, you will be required wait outside until the gym has been emptied.  We are using a Green/red light system.   In our main window to the lobby, you will see a street light.   Green means you can enter the building.  Red indicates you cannot enter.   The light will be switched to red about 5 mins to tip off.  No one will be allowed entry after it turns red.  We will ask all teams/spectators to exit immediately after their game to allow for the next event to start promptly.  Exit will be from our gym door and not the lobby.  Please have your athlete dressed in their game uniform upon arrival. There will be no locker room access.  We encourage all athletes to bring a water bottle.
Teams should bring all their gear into the gym and leave nothing in the gym lobby (Lobby is closed).  Our locker rooms are also closed.

MASKS:   All persons ENTERING our buildings will be required to wear masks at all times per Diocesan directives.  This includes the players.  If a player can’t play with a mask at all times, please have them stay home.  
No Neck Gaiters are to be worn by players.

SPECTATORS - We will allow 1 person per player for visiting teams in our bleacher with a max of 10. After 10 parents in the bleachers, we will turn all others away.  No exception.  Socially distanced spectator seating will be marked accordingly on the bleachers.
13 max for visiting team seats.  Chairs will be spaced, please try not to move.  1 scorekeeper (must sit at table on stage).    
Example: 10 players and 3 coaches.   Or 11 players and 2 coaches.

ADMISSION:   Spectators will be checked in with their Team names and players. We will be charging admission of $3/per person. Coaches, players and scorekeeper excluded.   Please try to bring exact change.

CONCESSION STAND:   At this time, we have no concession stands.   Players will need to bring water. 
If you are unable to follow the rules and policies, you will be asked to leave the building.
I hope this little blurb helps summarize the players, coaches and spectators.   Any questions, please send my way.  Please email me @

Thank you,
Athletic Director

JV JV WolvesTeam Calendar

Head Coach:
Jessica Dunn, 7249873879 (c),

Assistant Coach:
Rachel Sposito,

Home Gym:
St. Gregory, Gym Phone: 724-452-9731
Address: 115 Pine St, Zelienople, PA 16063  (Google map)

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