Master Playoff Schedule

Orange rows indicate unscheduled games, which have a date of '1900/01/01'. A start time of TBD (to be determined) means the start time is unknown - contact the home team for the correct start time. Gray rows indicate past games. Blue rows indicate today's games. White rows indicate future games. Hold your cursor over the 'Class', 'Team' and 'Played At' names to highlight links.

DateDayClassFlightRoundStart TimeVisiting TeamHone TeamPLayed At
2019/02/14ThuVarsity ATop17:45 PMChrist the Divine TeacherSacred HeartSacred Heart Activities BuildingPast
2019/02/14ThuJV ATop16:30 PMSt. KilianSacred HeartSacred Heart Activities BuildingPast
2019/02/14ThuJV ABottom16:30 PMArchangel GabrielChrist the Divine TeacherChrist the Divine TeacherPast
2019/02/15FriVarsity BBottom17:00 PMOur Lady of FatimaSt. BernardOur Lady of GracePast
2019/02/15FriVarsity BBottom18:00 PMButler CatholicSt. ElizabethSt. ElizabethPast
2019/02/15FriVarsity ATop17:00 PMDivine Mercy AcademySt. Louise de MarillacSt. Louise de MarillacPast
2019/02/15FriVarsity ABottom17:30 PMOur Lady of the Most Blessed SacramentSt. James (Sewickley)St. James (Sewickley)Past
2019/02/15FriJV ATop17:00 PMSt. Therese (Munhall)St. Thomas MoreSt. Thomas MorePast
2019/02/16SatJV BTop11:45 PMSt. ElizabethSt. GregorySt. GregoryPast
2019/02/16SatJV BBottom13:15 PMNorthside Catholic Assumption AcademyOur Lady of GraceOur Lady of GracePast
2019/02/16SatJV BBottom13:00 PMOur Lady of FatimaSt. AnneSt. AnnePast
2019/02/18MonVarsity BTop17:15 PMOur Lady of GraceProvidence Heights AlphaProvidence Heights AlphaPast
2019/02/18MonVarsity ABottom17:45 PMArchangel GabrielBlessed Trinity AcademySt. Mary's (Glenshaw)Past
2019/02/18MonJV ABottom16:30 PMOur Lady of the Most Blessed SacramentBlessed Trinity AcademySt. Mary's (Glenshaw)Past
2019/02/19TueJV ABottom27:15 PMBlessed Trinity AcademySt. Louise de MarillacSt. Louise de MarillacPast
2019/02/19TueJV ABottom27:30 PMChrist the Divine TeacherDivine Mercy AcademyDivine Mercy AcademyPast
2019/02/20WedVarsity BTop27:45 PMOur Lady of GraceSt. PhilipCanevin High SchoolPast
2019/02/20WedVarsity ATop27:30 PMDivine Mercy AcademySt. KilianSt. KilianPast
2019/02/20WedVarsity ATop27:50 PMSacred HeartSt. Thomas MoreSt. Thomas MorePast
2019/02/20WedJV ATop26:45 PMSt. Thomas MoreHoly Cross AcademySt. SebastianPast
2019/02/20WedJV BTop26:30 PMSt. GregorySt. PhilipCanevin High SchoolPast
2019/02/20WedJV BBottom27:00 PMSt. AnneSt. MargaretSt. MargaretPast
2019/02/21ThuVarsity BTop28:00 PMSt. John the Baptist (Plum)St. SylvesterSt. SylvesterPast
2019/02/21ThuVarsity BBottom26:00 PMSt. BernardSt. MargaretSt. MargaretPast
2019/02/21ThuVarsity ABottom27:30 PMBlessed Trinity AcademyEast CatholicEast CatholicPast
2019/02/22FriVarsity BBottom27:45 PMSt. ElizabethSts. Peter and PaulSts. Peter and PaulPast
2019/02/22FriVarsity ABottom27:45 PMSt. James (Sewickley)St. GabrielHough BuildingPast
2019/02/22FriJV ATop26:30 PMSacred HeartSt. GabrielHough BuildingPast
2019/02/22FriJV BTop27:00 PMSt. Joseph (Verona)John F. KennedyJohn F. KennedyPast
2019/02/22FriJV BBottom26:30 PMOur Lady of GraceSts. Peter and PaulSts. Peter and PaulPast
2019/02/24SunJV ATopSemi-Final3:20 PMSt. GabrielHoly Cross AcademyOakland Catholic High SchoolPast
2019/02/24SunJV ABottomSemi-Final4:30 PMDivine Mercy AcademySt. Louise de MarillacOakland Catholic High SchoolPast
2019/02/24SunJV BTopSemi-Final1:00 PMSt. PhilipJohn F. KennedyOakland Catholic High SchoolPast
2019/02/24SunJV BBottomSemi-Final2:10 PMSt. AnneSts. Peter and PaulOakland Catholic High SchoolPast
2019/02/26TueJV AFinal7:45 PMSt. Louise de MarillacHoly Cross AcademyOakland Catholic High SchoolPast
2019/02/26TueJV BFinal6:30 PMSts. Peter and PaulJohn F. KennedyOakland Catholic High SchoolPast
2019/02/27WedVarsity BTopSemi-Final6:30 PMSt. PhilipSt. SylvesterOakland Catholic High SchoolPast
2019/02/27WedVarsity BBottomSemi-Final7:45 PMSts. Peter and PaulSt. MargaretOakland Catholic High SchoolPast
2019/02/28ThuVarsity ATopSemi-Final6:30 PMSacred HeartSt. KilianOakland Catholic High SchoolPast
2019/02/28ThuVarsity ABottomSemi-Final7:45 PMEast CatholicSt. GabrielOakland Catholic High SchoolPast
2019/03/03SunVarsity BFinal1:30 PMSt. MargaretSt. SylvesterOakland Catholic High SchoolPast
2019/03/03SunVarsity AFinal3:00 PMEast CatholicSt. KilianOakland Catholic High SchoolPast

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