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St. James (Sewickley)

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  • Varsity Cougars
    North 1B

St. James (Sewickley)

201 Broad St., Sewickley, PA 15143  (Google map)



Web Site:

Athletic Director:
Brian Gauntner, 412-523-2299 (c),

Web Site Scheduler:
Josh DeNinno, 412-496-2344 (h), 412-496-2438 (c),,

Basketball Coordinator:
Brian Gautner, 412-253-2299 (c),

Volleyball Coordinator:
Toni Edwards, 412-736-2721 (c),

St. James Catholic School Gym Rules (Updated January 1, 2023)
For all section coaches/ADs/Basketball Directors, this is to advise on procedures that Saint James Catholic School (St. James) will follow for our home basketball and volleyball games.
Our goal is to be able to keep our players and families safe and to comply with all rules and regulations in order to be able have a season. We appreciate your help in making this happen.
If you are not staying for a Varsity game or second game of a doubleheader, we ask that all teams/spectators to exit promptly after their game to allow for the next event to start as scheduled.  

When available, we would like the scoreboard operator to be seated at the scorers' table and scorekeepers to be seated on their side's bench.
Spectators - An admission charge is required for all those wishing to attend a game, includling student athlete families.
Live Streaming – St. James will NOT be live streaming our home games. Should a visiting team want to live stream the game please contact the St. James coach to discuss, we will make every effort to allow you to stream the game.
Concession Sales/Food – Available on a game to game basis.
We look forward to a great season and need everyone's commitment and cooperation to make things run as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the St. James  coaches directly.

Contact Information

Athletic Director
  • Josh DeNinno, 412-496-2438
  • Basketball Coordinator - Brian Gauntner 412-523-2299
  • Boys JV – Christian Yannessa 412-974-5556, and Chrissy Mars, 412-726-3336
  • Boys Varsity – Cameron Altmar, 412-925-0382 and Frank Igrec, 412-760- 1376
  • Girls JV – Kyle Balmer, 412-334-5993
  • Girls Varsity – Brian Brian Gauntner, 412-523-2299
Girls Volleyball

Girls Varsity Blue - Head Coach: Renee Williamson, 412-848-1540; Assistant Coach: Emidio Mosca, 412-522-8705
Girls Varsity White - Head Coach: Toni Edwards, 412-736-2721; Assistant Coach: Ryan Delaney, 412-302-1479
Girls JV - Head Coach: Dan Kerner, 412-216-1698

Varsity CougarsTeam Calendar

North 1B

Head Coach:
Brian Gauntner, 412-523-2299 (c),

Assistant Coach:
Jen Gauntner, 412-523-2299 (c),

Home Gym:
St. James (Sewickley)
Address: 201 Broad St., Sewickley, PA 15143  (Google map)

Info from the last accepted Team Data Sheet: Data Sheet ID: 780; Last Updated: 10/26/2023 8:30:56 AM; Accepted: 10/28/2023 2:53:09 PM; Submitter: Brian Gauntner

Normal Game Days:

  • Wednesday, 6:30 PM
  • Thursday, 6:30 PM

Cannot Play Dates: 01/15/2024, 12/19/2023

St. James (Sewickley) Varsity Cougars game schedule

Orange rows indicate unscheduled games, which have a date of '1900/01/01'. A start time of TBD (to be determined) means the start time is unknown - contact the home team for the correct start time. Gray rows indicate past games. Blue rows indicate today's games. White rows indicate future games. Hold your cursor over the 'Team' and 'Played At' names to highlight links.

Games that are not league Section games (Scrimmages, Non-Section, Tournament) can appear on this schedule. They may have been entered by an opponent or a league section representative. Use care when editing these games - make sure the opponent knows of any changes.

DateDayStart TimeTeamsPlayed AtTypeScore (V-H)
2023/12/06Wed6:00 PMOur Lady of Fatima Falcons @ St. James (Sewickley) CougarsSt. James (Sewickley)SectionW-14-26
2023/12/13Wed6:30 PMHoly Sepulcher Hornets @ St. James (Sewickley) CougarsSt. James (Sewickley)SectionW-24-32
2024/01/03Wed6:30 PMSt. Gregory Wolves @ St. James (Sewickley) CougarsSt. James (Sewickley)SectionL-30-16
2024/01/08Mon6:30 PMSt. James (Sewickley) Cougars @ Sts. Peter and Paul PacersSts. Peter and PaulSectionL-12-46
2024/01/10Wed6:30 PMHoly Family Chargers @ St. James (Sewickley) CougarsSt. James (Sewickley)SectionL-33-21
2024/01/17Wed6:30 PMSt. Monica Academy Panthers @ St. James (Sewickley) CougarsSt. James (Sewickley)SectionW-20-23
2024/01/18Thu6:15 PMSt. James (Sewickley) Cougars @ Holy Sepulcher HornetsMars Middle SchoolSectionL-13-14
2024/01/24Wed7:45 PMSt. James (Sewickley) Cougars @ Our Lady of Fatima FalconsOur Lady of FatimaSectionW-19-10
2024/01/27Sat1:00 PMSt. James (Sewickley) Cougars @ St. Monica Academy PanthersSt. Monica AcademySectionW-28-17
2024/01/31Wed6:30 PMSts. Peter and Paul Pacers @ St. James (Sewickley) CougarsSt. James (Sewickley)SectionL-40-11
2024/02/02Fri7:30 PMSt. James (Sewickley) Cougars @ St. Gregory WolvesSt. GregorySectionL-13-25
2024/02/05Mon7:00 PMSt. James (Sewickley) Cougars @ Holy Family ChargersSt. Joseph (Verona)SectionL-15-38

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