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League Notices

As Track Meet results are made available they will be added to the Results and Postings page.
The Diocesan Roster List is open for everyone to adjust their rosters:
  • Pitt Diocese TF Roster Updates 2021
  • If you have new additions, please insert spaces at the end of your team and add your new runners. Use the next available number for each runner. 
  • If adding runners will take you into another's team's roster, instead just add the remaining athletes at the bottom of all the teams. The league will assign them numbers before the meet this weekend
COVID Changes:
  • Throwing: For the throwing events, we are asking teams to use their own equipment and sanitize as needed between athletes on the team. If your team does not have throwing equipment, there will be some provided, but you must sanitize it every time you exchange it. The same is true for batons.
  •  Masks are required for all athletes, parents and coaches on the field of play and not competing. As this will be difficult to police, we look for coaches to enforce rules with teams. For athletes competing during races, meet directors will provide guidance the day of the race.
  • Only coaches, volunteers and athletes are allowed on the field of play. Viewing areas will be designated by the meet directors. We expect social distancing and masks to be worn in these areas out of respect for the athletes, but it will be up to the teams to police.
  • Teams are responsible for temperature checks/health questions based on their school's protocols. If an athlete is on the line or coach/volunteer is on the field, it is assumed they are cleared to take part by the coaches and school.
See the attached Pre-Meet informational update. This fills in some of the general rules and procedures for meets as well as supplying some updates for this year - Meet Information Primer (PDF), Meet Information Primer (Word)

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