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Aquinas Academy

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Aquinas Academy

2308 W. Hardies Rd., Gibsonia, PA 15044  (Google map)



Web Site:

Athletic Director:
Jen DeWitt, 814-883-0008 (c), dewitt@aquinasacademy-pittsburgh.org

School Sports Coordinator:
Tyler Deschamps, 724-444-0722 (w), deschamps@aquinasacademy-pittsburgh.org, deschamps@aquinas.pvt.k12.pa.us

Grade School Basketball Game Day Information

Health: Please do not enter the building if you or your child are not feeling well or exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms. In addition, if any member of your team becomes symptomatic in the 48- hours after the game, and subsequently tests positive for COVID-19, your Coach or School Representative MUST notify our Athletic Director or School Administrator as it will be grounds to quarantine our team members.

Spectators: We allow 1 spectator per player for opposing teams. Spectators must be masked and maintain social distance throughout the building. Socially distanced seats are marked on the bleachers.

Face Coverings: Per Diocesan directives, all persons inside the gym must wear a mask at all times. An active player is exempt if he/she meets the exception as defined in Section 3 of the Universal Face Coverings PA State Order: “If wearing a face covering would either cause a medical condition, or exacerbate an existing one, including respiratory issues that impede breathing, a mental health condition or a disability.”

Gym Procedures: Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes before your game and exit promptly upon conclusion. Do not congregate in any space within the gym and maintain social distance while entering and exiting.

Admissions: $3 per person, excluding coaches, players, scorekeeper. Please try to bring exact change.

Concessions and Water: Water bottle refilling stations are available in the hallways. Concessions will not typically be available, but vending machines with snacks and drinks are available.

Locker Rooms/Restrooms: Locker rooms will not be available. Please come dressed in uniform. Restrooms are limited to two occupants. Team meetings must take place court side.

Live Streaming: We will live stream games when possible to our YouTube channel:

Contact Information: Please reach out with any questions, or to report if any member of your team becomes symptomatic in the 48-hours after the game, and subsequently tests positive for

Track CrusadersTeam Calendar

North (No online schedule)

Head Coach:
Jim Richthammer, 724-713-0017 (c), 724-444-0722 (w), richthammer@aquinas.pvt.k12.pa.us

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